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Drink Menu

Seasonal Cocktails

Grapefruit Brown Derby

Bulleit Rye Bourbon with muddled grapefruit, honey-rosemary syrup, and Jamaica’s Finest Ginger Beer.  Jah mon!

Ginger Lemonade

Aromatic spices give this drink a subtle Asian flair.  Ginger-infused Absolut vodka, lemongrass syrup, and house-made lemon sours.

Mezcal Mule

We’ve transported the Moscow Mule to sunnier shores!  Ilegal Joven Mezcal, Natrona Ginger Beer, and fresh squeezed blood orange juice.

Strawberry Lavender Mojito

Fizzy, fruity, and floral, this is on faaabulously flavorful drink.  Cruzan Light Rum, strawberries, mint, lavender syrup, and lime.


Can’t decide between beer or bourbon?  Now you don’t have to choose.  We boil up our very own IPA syrup (using the hoppiest brew on tap) and mix it with Four Roses bourbon, Campari, and lime juice for a refreshingly bitter drink.

Spicy Hibiscus

Ward off winter’s chill with this tropical treat:  Espolon Reposado tequila, Fruitlab Hibiscus Liqueur, Combier, basil, jalapeno, lime.