Gingerbread Man

Santa's favorite cookie is now available in liquid form. Jim Beam, St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram, champagne, and ginger ale with fresh ground nutmeg.

Figgy Sidecar

Because pudding in a glass is just nasty. Fig- and spice-infused Hennessy, Combier, and lemon sours, served up with a festively sugared rim.

Figgy Mule

Moscow on the Mediterranean. Figenza fig vodka, Fee Bros. plum bitters, and Natrona Ginger Beer.

Pear Tree, Hold the Partridge

We tried using partridge meat in this recipe, but the staff voted it down. Uncle Val's Botanical gin, Berentzen Pear liqueur, lemon, and Pittsburgh-made Wigle rosemary-lavender bitters.


No, not those silly cardboard discs you collected in grade school - this POG is a grown up Hawaiian treat bursting with tropical fruit flavors. Don Q Passionfruit rum, fresh squeezed OJ, guava nectar, Fee Bros. orange bitters, and a festive little umbrella. Mele Kalikimaka!

Cranberry Sauced

A delightful blend of two beloved Thanksgiving traditions: cranberry relish in the shape of a can, and your drunken Uncle Rodney mouthing off about politics. Skyy Cranberry vodka, OJ, cranberry juice, strawberry, cinnamon, and nutmeg with a ginger snap rim.